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The Pan-African Chaplain Corps (PACC) is a civilian, multiethnic, Multinational service organization, its members being recruited from all nationalities. Our Corps membership consists entirely of Volunteers, both civilian and retired military willing to donate their pastoral energies to the people of the towns, states or countries in which they live.

Many a times, when a chaplain is needed to serve for example civilians, sailors, soldiers, veterans, prisoners, the hospitalized. few if any are available. Therefore, the volunteer chaplains of the PACC are available for chaplaincy activities in the broadest sense, including presiding at funerals, officiating at weddings, visiting ships in harbor, consoling inmates of hospitals and institutions, and providing such pastoral or spiritual comfort as may be required, regardless of the recipients religious affiliations and beliefs.

Members of the Pan-African Chaplain Corps also stand ready to serve as emergency responders, assisting local authorities during times of crisis. The PACC is fully non-denominational.

Communication between members of a worldwide organization like the PACC mainly takes place via the internet or telephones. It is therefore necessary that (prospective) PACC members have good access to both email and the Worldwide web.

In some countries, this tends to be more difficult than in others, but all (prospective) PACC members should be able to access their email and our website at least twice a week.

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