Some members of the Pan-African Chaplain Corps.




A Word From Our National Commander

I would like to thank you for your interest in the Pan-African Chaplain Corps (PACC). The PACC has being in existence since 2005 as a national certifying body for Christian Chaplain that serves in:

  • Children's Homes;
  • Police Departments;
  • Fire Department;
  • Community Outreach Centers, and;
  • Anywhere there are hurting people that need the love of Jesus.
The PACC is dedicated to practical Christian, where the Bible is the man textbook of life and ministry. We firmly believe that Jesus is the ultimate and only complete solution the problems of life. To this end, the PACC has Chaplains that are active in every area of ministry imaginable.

I encourage you to prayerfully read over this constitution. If the Holy Spirit is touching your heart to reach out and make a difference in the lives of hurting people, I encourage you to join the PACC team of Chaplains nationwide!

About Our Father's Business,

National Commander

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